Starting Package

Starting with our lowest package at $1500/month. Having a good looking website is a huge priority for business owners today, with the need to be unique. However, the truth is your websites overall look will be worthless if it doesn’t create traffic. Search Engine Optimisation is an essential part of your web marketing strategy. Without it your website won’t reach the potential it otherwise could. If your website is buried deep in the search engine on page 2, 3, 4, 5! The chance that people are going to find you and click on you is very very low… about 1-2%. As a result your website is creating almost no traffic and even less conversions – oh dear 🙁

How can SEO help your business?

Our SEO services start with an audit of your website to recognise any issues on the site. Broken links, un-optimised titles & meta descriptions, canonical and redirect issues, on page speed and the list goes on… You need to make your on page SEO is the best it can be to lay the foundations for your search engine success.

From here we will execute a keyword evaluation that will reveal exactly what keywords you need to be ranking for and what keywords you are already ranking for. This will allow us to create a plan tailored to you and your company and focus on the most important aspects for your campaign. It also allows us to see what sort of competition you have. Any information found here will likely lead our SEO strategy.

Local SEO

Lately there has been a huge change in focus for local SEO, Google have made a lot of changes to their algorithm to make sure people are ranking locally. There are a number of things that contribute to this, such as the location displayed on your website. But that’s not enough! It’s always useful to have a page on your website purely based on your local business and how you help your local area etc. This helps Google realise you are active in this area and will rank you much higher for local search terms for example “brisbane dentistry”.

Link Building

With Google’s latest update – Penguin, link development has become even more important. Unnatural and inorganic links are easy for Google to find and can hurt your SEO severely, that’s why you have to be very careful with this kind of thing. But we are professionals in this area, providing solutions for our customers that consistently work. Our process is very complicated and intense but it provides our customers with the best results. We also practice a technique that builds off your existing natural links. We have achieved #1 rankings for a huge amount of our clients and a large variety of keywords.

SEO Reports

Our SEO reports are very indepth and give you the full picture about how your SEO campaign is going. Every month we send you all the information we deem most important. As soon as your campaign begins we will be tracking all of your results and keywords.